The human seesaw




Us humans can rise to the greatest heights, or the lowest depths!


So lets define these levels based on Kabbalah so we can see where we are, where we can be and make the reroute changes to the course of our life.


There are essentially only three levels a human can be in.


The first most normal but always getting worse, is being run by our instincts


We all are born with instincts for pleasure, for ego, for love, and sometimes for compassion etc. etc.


However our instincts of course can also get angry, hence take revenge even over perceived slights, and revenge as it is an instinct, has no limits, and hence the incredibly debased barbaric evil that humans have often displayed.


On the other hand, we can have a value system, in this level we need not nesiceraly not get slighted or feel the instincts for revenge – but if our value system, as the Torah, the Bible calls for, not taking revenge and in fact helping  even your enemy, for example, “when you see your enemies donkey, burdened,

lieing on the ground under its load, you shall surely assist him” for here we are speaking about the poor animal, as well as the stranded traveler, then we are a good person.


Last but not least, is the highest level, the direction we are heading to if we are in paradigm two (i.e. self control through our calling to higher values) and that is that in the messianic times, God will completely remove the evil instincts within us and then we will basically be Godliness, or in a certain sense God himself (for God is good, so if you only have our good soul / side in us, it truly is God himself) within us.


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