One of the most amazing views the Rebbe had, was not seeing reality, but seeing the view from above!



What is reality, and what is the view from above?


Reality is the movie.


You see, when you watch a movie, as you the drama unfolds, your emotions are taken by the scenes you are experiencing.


The view from above is the writer’s perspective.


The writer never feels fear about the person who is about to take a bullet, for he wrote the redemption, the heroic save – in fact, all the writer feels is anticipation of the grand finale.


The Rebbe saw the view from above.


Instead of experiencing reality and letting it be our truth – the Rebbe saw the view from above, that all of reality is only a preparation for the grand finale, the coming of the Moshiach, when you and I and all good people and God will become united in an infinite eternal peaceful, progressively more experientially, educationally, purposefully etc. etc bond.

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