The infinite truth


What you see, is it true?




What you see has three flaws to it (of course what we all perceive.)


1. It is colored by your past experiences


2. It is colored by your current desires


3. What you see is really not real, only a movie you are in


Rabbi Meir the great author of the Mishnah Rebi (Rabbi Yehudah Hannasi, compiled) had unruly neighbors who drove him to distraction, so he finally turned to his kind Lord, asking him to remove these ruffians from planet earth.


His wife Beruria, a wise pious woman hearing this retorted to him, just as you ask God to remove them, can’t you ask him to change their hearts from evil to good.


Beruria was from the greatest most pious women, a woman imbued with absolute love for God and for Rabbi Meier.


In other words, and this is an exceptionally profound teaching, from an exceptionally deep person, so much so that at the death of her two beautiful sons she managed to conceal her grief to console her husband with the following parable: A man came to me asking me to hold two precious diamonds, now he has come requesting I return it, am I obligated to?


Of course he replied.


And then she showed him their two deceased children.


Crying bitterly, she then reproached his cries “did you not say that we must return the gift to their owner?”


In other words, the fact of the matter is that seeing things in black and white is not correct.


We must see life as possibilities.


Just as it is possible for the happy heart to turn sad, hence bad; it is possible for the bad heart to turn free from whatever oppression caused its sadness, hence evil (for evil is jealousy over the happiness of others, hence the state of bullies etc.)



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