Understanding God



Of course it is a very broad statement to say, understanding God, but I think I have come to realize something which changes our understanding, hence increases our understanding, of God.


You see, all of us can only compare God to perhaps the greatest human, but even the greatest human, is limited, and God is unlimited, hence we all make a mistake when we think of God, for we are limiting him.


The truth is, that if look at the constants, the few things the Torah teaches us, which are the root cause of all causes, the foundation of all foundations, the purpose of all purposes, we will have an ability, clarity, of who God is visa-vie man.


Now the simple mistake is, that we see God as a teacher – so say you had a teacher, therefore there is a thought, an idea – even Einstein himself – but highly specific, limited; just he knows something you don’t; so you now come to listen to him.


What if, yes what if, your teacher didn’t have anything to teach you at all; rather could always teach you something new.


Pretend you have an unlimited computer, so every time you learnt something, it would immediately spit out a new fact, equation, lesson in life etc.!!!


Now that’s God.



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The human seesaw




Us humans can rise to the greatest heights, or the lowest depths!


So lets define these levels based on Kabbalah so we can see where we are, where we can be and make the reroute changes to the course of our life.


There are essentially only three levels a human can be in.


The first most normal but always getting worse, is being run by our instincts


We all are born with instincts for pleasure, for ego, for love, and sometimes for compassion etc. etc.


However our instincts of course can also get angry, hence take revenge even over perceived slights, and revenge as it is an instinct, has no limits, and hence the incredibly debased barbaric evil that humans have often displayed.


On the other hand, we can have a value system, in this level we need not nesiceraly not get slighted or feel the instincts for revenge – but if our value system, as the Torah, the Bible calls for, not taking revenge and in fact helping  even your enemy, for example, “when you see your enemies donkey, burdened,

lieing on the ground under its load, you shall surely assist him” for here we are speaking about the poor animal, as well as the stranded traveler, then we are a good person.


Last but not least, is the highest level, the direction we are heading to if we are in paradigm two (i.e. self control through our calling to higher values) and that is that in the messianic times, God will completely remove the evil instincts within us and then we will basically be Godliness, or in a certain sense God himself (for God is good, so if you only have our good soul / side in us, it truly is God himself) within us.


The Rebbe teaches us to understand God from a computer

In fact all of modern technology was predicted as the parables to understand God or Godliness by the holy Zohar, that in the year 1860 God will open the floodgates of wisdom of above (Kabbalah / Chassidus) and the floodgates of the wisdom of below, science, resulting in technology, and these wisdoms would converge in anticipation of the coming of the infinite age of the Messiah’s teachings, light etc.

Now what is so interesting, is, that the Rebbe explains, that the key intent of course is for a limited human with a spatial temporal mind (we can only imagine things relative to our paradigm of a thing that exists in a bubble – i.e. with the limits of the six directions of space: up down, forward back, right left, and sequentially presented, similar to like watching a movie) and this limited instrument should be able to conceive of an unlimited God where there are no limits of space or time, neither limited to it, nor limited to not be in it, for all can be.

So a computer is the ultimate example!

What is a computer? nothing more, though nothing less (than relatively speaking – i.e. relative to our limited capabilities) an infinite mathematical processor.

Is a computer smarter than a human – of course not; the fact is, that humans program computers.

But is a computer faster than a human – of course, yes!

So, if you had infinite speed in your processing power, then you could have a single computer in which all computers are hooked up into, similar to the idea of the cloud, that google is offering businesses, to have all of their word processing, accounting etc. hooked into the internet, so to do this you don’t need a computer, all you need is a connection to the cloud; once on the internet, say, from your blackberry etc., you use their single gigantic computer capable of “infinite” mathematical processes, so now you have a new paradigm, a hitherto unthought-of power, how each and every person (quite literally) can be hooked up into an infinite mind and this mind can give advice, “love,” teachings etc. etc. to each and every user.


If we understand this, we will bring Moshiach



Moshiach, the Rebbe says, that if we look at the cause of the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh (holy temple) and we then fix the cause of exile, we will have God rebuild the Beis Hamikidosh and regather all Jews from exile to redemption.


What is the cause of our long bitter exile, the cause is nothing more, though of course nothing less, then brotherly hatred.


At the time the Temple was destroyed, all Jews were on a very high spiritual level, unlike when the first Temple, where the sins that caused the destruction was idolatry, giliu arayous, and murder.


For those horrible crimes, 70 years of hell sufficed to cleanse their souls and we find they did not revert to such foolishness, rather were on a high spiritual level.








They still did not have the brotherly love required of a spiritual people.


Now this is most interesting, if you think of it.


How can worshipers of God, on high spiritual levels, actually have enmity?!


Does it make sense?


All the angels in heaven only love one another, as we say in our prayers, that they first allow another to praise GOD, their sole activity at times, for they know that love precedes all!?


The answer is most enlightening.


You see, it is precisely their spiritual level that prevented them from loving others or at least contributed to their rationalization of why they need not love another.


You see, if someone has no spirituality whatsoever, hopefully it should be obvious that all men are created equal, but if someone is spiritual, it is very easy to begin to delude oneself, not that, one must love all people rather that, “I am greater than you.”


Now the sins of idolatry etc. are revealed sins. If I am God forbid worshiping an idol, it is obvious that I am doing something wrong, however if I believe that you are a cow and I am a Divine incarnate of some saint or something, I don’t really think that I am doing something wrong, merely stating the fact.


In fact, there was a great Rabbi, leader of many Jews who focused much attention on having Jewish people not speak ill of each other.


Coming to the leader of Jewry in his times, the Rebbe Rashab, wishing for an approbation for his book, the Rebbe Rashab did not give it, as he did not include, not thinking bad.


For to not do an action which is evil is not as difficult as in your own heart of hearts, thinking, seeing, feeling, good, love, towards your fellow Jews.


One of the most amazing views the Rebbe had, was not seeing reality, but seeing the view from above!



What is reality, and what is the view from above?


Reality is the movie.


You see, when you watch a movie, as you the drama unfolds, your emotions are taken by the scenes you are experiencing.


The view from above is the writer’s perspective.


The writer never feels fear about the person who is about to take a bullet, for he wrote the redemption, the heroic save – in fact, all the writer feels is anticipation of the grand finale.


The Rebbe saw the view from above.


Instead of experiencing reality and letting it be our truth – the Rebbe saw the view from above, that all of reality is only a preparation for the grand finale, the coming of the Moshiach, when you and I and all good people and God will become united in an infinite eternal peaceful, progressively more experientially, educationally, purposefully etc. etc bond.


The infinite truth


What you see, is it true?




What you see has three flaws to it (of course what we all perceive.)


1. It is colored by your past experiences


2. It is colored by your current desires


3. What you see is really not real, only a movie you are in


Rabbi Meir the great author of the Mishnah Rebi (Rabbi Yehudah Hannasi, compiled) had unruly neighbors who drove him to distraction, so he finally turned to his kind Lord, asking him to remove these ruffians from planet earth.


His wife Beruria, a wise pious woman hearing this retorted to him, just as you ask God to remove them, can’t you ask him to change their hearts from evil to good.


Beruria was from the greatest most pious women, a woman imbued with absolute love for God and for Rabbi Meier.


In other words, and this is an exceptionally profound teaching, from an exceptionally deep person, so much so that at the death of her two beautiful sons she managed to conceal her grief to console her husband with the following parable: A man came to me asking me to hold two precious diamonds, now he has come requesting I return it, am I obligated to?


Of course he replied.


And then she showed him their two deceased children.


Crying bitterly, she then reproached his cries “did you not say that we must return the gift to their owner?”


In other words, the fact of the matter is that seeing things in black and white is not correct.


We must see life as possibilities.


Just as it is possible for the happy heart to turn sad, hence bad; it is possible for the bad heart to turn free from whatever oppression caused its sadness, hence evil (for evil is jealousy over the happiness of others, hence the state of bullies etc.)