The easiest, funest and surest way to bring Moshiach



The last practical message the Rebbe gave us (besides the short amazing talk of the next week – just prior to the difficult day of Chaf Zayin Adar, when a stroke felled his speech) is that joy will bring Moshiach!


Sometimes it amazes me, what a simple, fun and great religion we have; that teaches us that all we need to do to change the world for good, for the good, forever, for eternity, is to be happy!


If someone told you the above message, would it resonate?!


Why do we hold on to our frustrations, miseries, stresses, like they are some kind of right?


We can all be insane.


What is insanity, if not for – I believe – Einstein’s definition, of trying the same thing, expecting different results!


All of our petty delusions, all of our childish passive-aggressive tantrums, all of our frustrations about not getting what we want and wanting what we think, as opposed to submitting to the greater wisdom of God, of the Rebbe, of a higher purpose and cause, is well just that.

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