The principles of Jewish mysticism


  1. All comes from God, hence all is good, though you may not understand why
  2. God is good, though you may not understand how
  3. Man is limited, thus our comprehension is limited, thus relative to an unlimited God, like even a wealthy man, compared to someone who has infinite wealth, we are infinitely poor.
  4. As such, it is only through adhering to God’s wisdom that we do what is infinitely right not infinitely wrong
  5. Our thoughts create destiny, positive or negative God forbid.

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion


Imagine something that has the power to invent


Sure inventions seems something we are familiar with


But are we?


Not really


The truth of perpetual motion, of true invention, is to recreate!


To take something and create something that has absolutely no bearing on its previece reality!


For example from a worm to a butterfly!


To take nothing, which really is God, and create humans, trees, rocks etc. is true creation!


Now if you have that kind of power you are not limited by the invention you made!


You can take the very same matter and recreate it indefinitely.


One of the most amazing talks given by the Rebbe, a theme he highlighted thousands of times in the most sublime talks following chof beis shvat, the passing of his esteemed wife when the esoteric was transmitted in the most relevant, simple forum possible, is this:



When the Jews left Egypt there were great miracles


But we never call them great miracles


The great miracle is know to be the one before they left Egypt when they experienced a unique Divine miracle which amazingly we are experiencing all over the world today!


The Rebbe often taught:


There are three kinds of miracles:




2.A miracle


3.A new nature


A nature that conforms, instead of negates the Divine will!


This is in fact was God’s ultimate intent, not to defy the natural order of the world, nor to miraculously superimpose a new reality inconsistent with the desires of man.


Rather to have a nature that conforms, instead of negates the Divine will!


What was the miracle in Egypt?


Nothing more, though nothing less, then the Egyptian firstborns killing other Egyptians, for now evil was destroying itself, much like what is happening in the Arab world today.


However on multiple fronts we find this new nature; that nature conforms instead of negates the Divine will, happens all around us.


From Russia freeing – willingly – her Jews!


From westerners seeking God, as this is the greatest quest in the western world today!


From the same Christians, who for millennia destroyed Jews, Judaism and Jewish communities, to supporting Jews, Judaism, and in fact being more pro-Israel than many Jews!


And most all encompassing of all these transformations is the unity God is giving all Jews and good Gentiles of finding a unique personal relationship with God – for most people who believe today, do not believe in an impersonal perhaps egotistical God needing service, rather a personal God that just loves, guides, which is the ultimate new nature, that conforms instead of negates the Divine will.






The easiest, funest and surest way to bring Moshiach



The last practical message the Rebbe gave us (besides the short amazing talk of the next week – just prior to the difficult day of Chaf Zayin Adar, when a stroke felled his speech) is that joy will bring Moshiach!


Sometimes it amazes me, what a simple, fun and great religion we have; that teaches us that all we need to do to change the world for good, for the good, forever, for eternity, is to be happy!


If someone told you the above message, would it resonate?!


Why do we hold on to our frustrations, miseries, stresses, like they are some kind of right?


We can all be insane.


What is insanity, if not for – I believe – Einstein’s definition, of trying the same thing, expecting different results!


All of our petty delusions, all of our childish passive-aggressive tantrums, all of our frustrations about not getting what we want and wanting what we think, as opposed to submitting to the greater wisdom of God, of the Rebbe, of a higher purpose and cause, is well just that.