The theory to begin all theories



The Rebbe, who by far was the wisest, most saintly man of our age and perhaps all ages says, that in every debate one must look at the center of it, to understand the rhetoric surrounding it.


For example, a person may say “I love you,” and really what they are saying is “there is something that I want from you.”


A person may say (as children often do) “I hate you” and really they are saying “there is something that I want from you.”


A country may make peace with the intention of war, and a country may make war with the intention of peace.


As the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that he who knows the secret behind things, knows everything.


So there are countless skins covering the essence, but if we go to the essence we will know the skins, while vice-versa one will not.


In the beginning God had a dream to create unity.


The easiest example we have of this, is perhaps of a female, male, relationship.


Most men know why they desire women, but cannot for the life of them fathom why women desire men.


As the Talmud teaches, that a feminine saying as a cause for marriage is quite simply, better to be in a relationship than alone.


The relationship, unity, itself, is the reason for the relationship.


As Rabbi Moss teaches, man was born as an individual hence a relationship is somewhat a superimposition on his individuality, while women come from man, hence are intrinsically (el ishah tshuckasech) relationship orientated.


If we understand this simple point, we will understand everything,

One thought on “The theory to begin all theories

  1. mendel wineberg April 5, 2012 at 3:02 am Reply

    Great article – keep then coming!!!

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