Thank God I just learnt as I try to, a chapter of Tanya before Davening – today was the thirteenth chapter of the fourth book of Tanya called Iggeres Hakodesh.

All I can say is Thank-God!

It opened up a new understanding, in an old fact – which I am of course sharing with you.

We all know – or at least now you do – that there three archetypes.

Abraham – unconditional love, hence giving

Isaac – unconditional self-discipline, hence discipline is the motif

And Jacob – the path of truth, the blend between the above two – also called the trait of compassion.

Now what the Alter Rebbe taught was truly amazing, significant and life-enhancing!

You see, the trait of unconditional love results in an openness.

The trait of unconditional discipline results in a closed-“offness.”

The following is my explanation on the middle path – the path of Jacob:

Think about it in terms of energy to understand how profound this truly is.

If we had unconditional energy then we couldn’t use any of our technology, for it would blow the appliances, circuits etc.

If we had a limited flow of energy we couldn’t use many of our appliances for we would lack the energy to do so.

Rather there must be an exact supply, not too much, nor to little, which is just right.

Similarly if we just exude unconditional love, we are liable to spoil the child as King Solomon states, spare the rod, hate the child; and we find, children that lack boundaries, which doesn’t give a person joy, for their lives are confusion, aimless, meaningless, as is evident by how many tens of millions of people are killing themselves on drugs and other bizarre stupidities!

On the other hand, if we are unconditionally disciplined, we rob both ourselves and others of all joy!

So what is the middle path!?

There is only one voice that is accurate on what the balance between these two approaches should be.

In a certain sense, this strife between left and right is actually the fundamental difference between the liberal approach of, all goes; and the disciplined approach of religion, which both approaches historically have led to unhappiness!

The only voice that is able to apply the right hand when necessary and the left hand when necessary is a super-consciousness!

A consciousness that need not be one thing or the other.

A super-consciousness that knows what is the perfect amount of love and discipline in, and for, every situation!

That of course is the voice of God!

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