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As I replay in my minds eye the throngs that try to get a moment with the President of the United States, or perhaps Tebow, or Michael Jordan, or perhaps Tom Hanks; the memory of the ancient story, the prophesy, the destiny of mankind seems to be so true.


The night was young, and the Emperor, ruler over all known countries, Nevuhadnetzar, fell asleep – his dream was certain – it contained a message – but he just couldn’t remember it.




Daniel, the Rebbe of his age, came and told the dream to the king and in good old fashioned Jewish style AKA Josef, he also told him its meaning.


In the dream the king saw a statue, its head made of 24 carat gold, it arms of silver, its torso of copper, its legs of iron and at the very bottom some toes of dirt.


“God is revealing the future” Daniel told the king, in the book of Daniel recorded thousands of years ago, and born out in truth.


“Gold is your kingdom, to be taken over by the Persians, silver; to be taken over by the Greeks, silver (sorry copper;) to be taken over by the Romans, iron” – for unlike the previous metals that silversmiths shape them, iron is a metal that is unshapable, its strength like iron steel, is steel gripped, and hence Rome lasted for thousands of years in terms of its progenitors the west.


In the very end, a weak lowly tribe will arise, the Arabs, whom like dirt, though perhaps part of a statue, yet unlike iron, whenever they are attacked crumble, as a man steps on dirt to disintegrate it into millions of tiny pieces.


But then in the end, the king saw a rock, small but more formidable than its size, this rock crushed the statue which turned to chaff and blew away in the wind and then the rock grew into a mountain.


So too, in the end of days, the previous four kingdoms all based on power and wealth, the need for recognition, will dissipate and it will be the rock, the wisdom of Moshiach, the wisdom of unity, the wisdom of Chassidus, of Jewish mysticism, the wisdom of the Rebbe of our generation who being the seventh Rebbe contains all the previous wisdom of all the previous Rebbes from Mosses to him, will grow.


This small rock will become the fountainhead from which all nations will drink.


All will change directions from the God of stupidity, to the God of goodness; from the God of self-agrandization, to the God of unity; from the God of me, to the God of we!



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