What is the most “radical” teachings of the Rebbe



If we want the best elixir to give us life, we need not the most “pareve,” rather the most amazing teachings of the Rebbe, to give us the energy that will bring the world into one.


1. The Rebbe teaches us countless times, our sole purpose of existing is to work for God.


2. The Rebbe teaches us, the very start of our work for God is to know that we and God are one – for our Godly soul is the true essence of our very life (imagine your body, God-forbid minus your soul,) and hence as this soul is God, thus you and God are one.


3. The first thing a Jew does as he awakes and this is a general service to God, similar to knowing that you are really in essence God, is to be grateful.


4. Gratitude to God, particularly for the recreation of creation consistently, and hence constantly, (saying thank-you for this,) is a method to be happy, to recharge the entire universe (for what you say thank-you for, you draw in Godliness to) constantly.


4. Every generation has a mission, it is our privilege to complete all the previous generations work and finally bring Moshiach, which is done through adding in our Mitzvos, goodness and kindness, amidst knowing that Moshiach is about to come, in honor to bring Moshiach.


6. Charity is not a donation, charity is a commitment.


We need to think, speak and “eat” charity.


We should give all our money to charity which will bring the Moshiach.

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