The three possible operating systems to control us



1. Mind


Ideally humans should use the only asset they have, namely their minds to discern between right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, wise and foolish – though part of this discernment is the ultimate realization that there is a God whose wisdom supersedes our own, hence much as we take medicines prescribed by Doctors for the same reason, we follow God’s directives in life as well.


2. Emotions


Emotions are where we react instead of discern in life.


I am attracted toward that which I love / desire.


I am retracting from that which is fearful / painful to me.


3. Ego


The ego state is the most innocuous state for a person can never realize he is in it.


Think of how we in America look at the British: pompous, stuffy, relics of a Victorian age steeped in some kind of ego haughty, ape-like imitation of their Queen.


The person in the ego state is most usually there ironically as a cover up to compensate for low self esteem.


Hence as it is primarily a self defense mechanism, the person most susceptible to its mirage, is the person who projects it.


To be or not to be, that is the question



To be or not to be, perhaps can be more comprehendibly equated as follows:


To live or not to live!;


To live, or not to live, perhaps can be more comprehendibly equated as follows:


To have purpose or to not have purpose, that is the question!


There are a few schools of psychology.


Most deal with rectifying the past through reimagining a better past which statistically has proven to not work.


However there is a certain school of psychology called logotherapy created by Victor Frankel that believes you fix the past by creating a future.


To have a purpose in life is to suddenly reconstitute yourself.


This past Shabbos thank God I was fortunate to be with family and friends in my hometown Kansas City.


My brother Rabbi Mendy had just returned from a trip with his good friends and supporters Dr. Eric and Leslie Kulick as part of Chabad’s JLI, international learning group, touring Israel.


Among the many people who spoke to them, one of them was Sherry Mandel who tragically had to grieve the murderous terrorist attack of Arabs who literally stoned her son Koby to death; and authored “Blessings of a Broken Heart.”


Now one must understand the context – Dr. Kulick is from the preeminent psychiatrists of America if not the world, and Sherry Mandel is from the amazing stoic Jews whose lives never get shattered, rather strengthened, by hate, terrorism, and this is what she said.


To become who you were before tragedy strikes is not possible, but to wallow in tragedy is not fathomable, rather the goal is to become a renewed person.


Sherry has gone off to create camps and counseling for thousands of other bereaved victims.


In other words – and this is Victor Frankel’s point – to find solace in reinventing who you were i.e. the reality you had, is neither feasible nor possible, but to find solace in who you can become, is both feasible, likely, and highly simple once you know how to.


In essence it is to find a purpose.


You see, man can live in one of three states, purposeful, purposelessness, and worst of all God-forbid the vengeful-evil-state in which all terrorists, jihadists, radical leftists and rightis, namely anti-semites like Nazis, live/d.


The trick of life is not to live in the purposelessness of existence.


For man, a composite of both God, and quite simply 20 gallons of water and 6 dollars worth of minerals has this option to develop wings and fly, or to remain like a four legged creature firmly attached to the earth from whence he was formed and wither he shall die.


The challenge of life is to find the purpose of life, and to find the purpose of life, is to live.