What women need – And How You Can Provide It



  • Imagine the moon, really imagine it.


In fact pretend you are the moon.


Around you there is desolation, emptiness.


98,000,000 million miles away lies the sun.


A source of light that can transform your desolate empty existence into one filled with light.


Better yet, when the two of you kiss, you cause that your light will shine on your children.


For when the sun kisses you, suddenly a new miracle appears.


Not only do you feel loved, warm, bright, but also you have a reflective light that brightens up earth – all who see you, and must importantly your own children.


Our sages teach us, from the positive inference one can judge the negative inference and “as we mystics write” Vda”l, this is sufficient wisdom for the wise.


  • Security


Women are biologically hardwired to seek security both for themselves to have the “nursery” in which their children can be born into, as a bacteria free environment – which is why, they often get an urge to clean certain times of the month, but even more important to them, is security for the sake of the children they bore.


A mother will give her life away for her children, hence her need to give them the needs of life, to live, to eat, to have a roof over their heads, is equally important. This is literally as important as preservation of life itself.


  • To be cherished


Imagine you see yourself as a beautiful diamond and someone buys you, but then casts you aside.


  • Pride in her husband


Imagine you have a choice of companies to work for, would you go for the most, or least prestigious?


How To Provide It


  • Ironically


b/c men see women usually more like their mothers than daughter, they EXPECT light, love etc. not to give light love etc. to their wives.


Close your eyes, picture yourself as the sun and your wife, girlfriend, engaged to be wife, as your moon.


  • Security


Most men understand the need to provide for their families so this isn’t much of a problem.


  • To be cherished


This is a big problem b/c men and women see themselves very very very differently.


A woman is beautiful and if nothing else she sees herself as an exquisite Monet, Rembrandt.


  • Pride in husband


Well you want to be proud of yourself, so this is an extra exceptional important motive to do so.

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