What’s absolutely clear




What is absolutely clear is that Moshiach is not what we thought it was!


We, or at least I thought, Moshiach was the lone ranger riding in, guns blazing; or humbly saddled on a donkey, and suddenly the world changes!


In my childhood mind, candies would grow on trees, in my girls mind, dresses will grow on trees, while both may be right, this is not Moshiach, rather a candy and clothing shop!


Moshiach is the unity of God in man!


The ultimate purpose for which God created the world!


Ironically it is happening now!


The Rebbe said in 1991 Moshiach has come!!!


Do you see Moshiach?!


I certainly don’t!


Sure, we have a certain freedom for Jews unprecedented, but that is not the cause of the coming of Moshiach, rather as a result of the coming of Moshiach!


Moshiach is the revelation of God in man!!!

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