It aint real




What if?


Yes what if?


What if, it aint real?


What if everything you see, taste, touch, experience isn’t real?


Does that mean it is a dream?


No; according to Jewish mysticism the very fact that God said he created the world means we are living in real world.


This experience of seeing tasting touching, is both real and yet it aint real at the same time!


You see, this is the greatness of Atzmus, the infinite ability of God to compose two realities in one.


Many of us can imagine that the universe, like a holograph, appears to be real but isn’t real.


Others can imagine that all that we can see, taste, touch, feel etc. is real and everything else is like a holograph.


But the truth is, the true infinite ability of infinity, is to create two realities, both in opposition to each other and both definable and most amazingly both existing in the same spot.


If you watch “What the bleep do we know” scientists, based on quantum physics are saying, and I quote, “in numerous laborities across the United States you can see a point of light in two places at the same time.


The scientist goes on to say “I don’t think people jaws would drop if they hear that… But think about that, in two places at the same time!


All that we know is what we experience, but there is certainly a different reality in which all experiences can exist simultaneously.


So the big question is – is it real? – or are our experiences holographic imprints?


The answer as mentioned, both realties are real simultaneously.


On one level nothing is real.


In fact whenever you taste, touch, see, all it is, is the translation of chemical information into a bio-electrical impulse interpreted in the brain (which is why sometimes it can get messed up and people can hear shapes etc. etc.)


The reality is that only God is real!


Yet God has the ability to manifest himself in any which way he sees fit.


He decided to create a universe that would conceal him and only show something that appears to be itself, so we see earth, sky, people, rocks, trees, butterflies etc.


But make no mistake about it, there is nothing besides God, and his desires of which you and I are.

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