Till death do as part



A man once passed away, a few years later his wife came to heaven and found him remarried and to make matters worse he was happy – I don’t believe your unfaithfulness she shouted at him – “What do you mean, I said, ‘till death do us part.’”


When we observe the barbaric acts of the murder of a Rabbi and three little children it is no different from the Arabs slitting the throats of a baby, nor of the Nazis taking a million Jewish children from their mothers and gas them or shooting them to death.


As Freud says, there is a life instinct and a death instinct.


Our sages teach us, the evil people have already dead even in their life.


To understand this, is to understand the famous dictum of “know thy enemy.”


On the face of it all people are say from a single womb.


Babies whom are loved will be adults who love, but babies whom are shunned, or people whose societies use them, in other words abuse them, instead of make them feel special, become walking corpses.


Their self esteem, identity and pride shattered, they live to die.


In this state there is a immense resentment AKA jealousy, over the Jewish people in particular, whose joy of life, whose love for one another, and hope in Moshiach, the future, gives them happiness.

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