The twilight zone



Imagine this, poof from darkness to the strength of the sun at noon.


Have you ever been in a dark room and suddenly the lights was turned on?


You get blinded


In fact the way our eyes work are, we have two separate cones to see in black and white and to see color.


Hence drivers are actually at the greatest disadvantage as the sun sets, for our eyes are shifting cones and most accidents happen then.


If we suddenly go from dark to light, the information coming to our eyes ceases to work as it cannot integrate it which is why we literally just see white, though once we adjust we can see everything.


In a similar view, we can understand the messianic revelation.


What is the messianic revelation? nothing more though certainly nothing less than the hidden light of God himself to be completely revealed.


In other words, we will somehow see with our physical eyes a infinitely bright light and the miracle is that we will be able to see it.


In other words, going from exile to redemption is quite literally like going from darkness to light (for relative to the light of day, today, it is literally darkness but in the messianic light it is like literally having the light of the sun present right here on earth.)


Hence there is an adjustment – a twilight – sunrise zone.


We are currently in the twilight zone.


The Rebbe said in 1991 that Moshiach has come.


Of course Moshiach is still to reveal all the great revelations as mentioned however the key thing to understand is that the sun is rising.


This is the reason we see an unprecedented return of Jews to Israel, an unprecedented love for Jews and Israel among righteous gentiles – in fact the very thorn of Arabs was also predicted to be the final thorn in the Jewish peoples backside and miraculously unbeknown to us they have already lost their moral authority to tell Israel what to do and it is currently the Israeli prime minister dictating to the world the terms of Israel’s existence and not the other way around – an unprecedented light of God (which of course is not limited to a physical but can be an internal revelation, communication, wised, experience etc.) is permeating humanity.


The good news is, once the sun begins to rise it only gets brighter and brighter.


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