The multiple personality that is you, I, and all people



One of the fundamental reasons the Tanya is perhaps the most popular Jewish mysticism book is simple


When you and I and everyone read it, for the first time in our lives a mirror is held up and we see who we are in such clarity that we immediately sense that this book is true


So what does the Tanya teach us about the multiple souls, personalities, drives, we have?


Lets begin with the facts


Within us we have


A. God


B. The Devil (now in Judaism the devil is not in apposition but in cahoots with God, for it is through the challenge that man overcomes the devil and in fact when Moshiach comes and we lack challenge we will look back and prefer to overcome the internal struggle to do good, then to be like an angel that only sees, thinks, feels instinctively good.)


C. An Animal soul – this soul is subdivided into four categories


1. Earth – a desire for laziness and depression when things don’t go our way


2. Fire – a desire for supremacy causing anger and arrogance (anger is when you get angry that someone prevents our wishes from being fulfilled.)


3. Water – the instinctual pleasures


4. Air – an instinct for frivolous activities comedy, having “fun,” etc.


D A rational mind



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