You are now the Rebbe’s mouth




As in everything the Rebbe foresaw today, which twenty years ago was a very tragic day in that the Rebbe’s speech was impaired.


In a talk delivered on Shabbos Parshas Bo beforehand, the Rebbe made an amazing revelation


To quote:


“This is evident from Moshe’s complaint to Hashem: “I have a heavy mouth and a heavy tongue” … “I am clumsy of lips” (Shemos 6:12) and therefore [Moshe said to Hashem]: “Please send in the hand of the one whom You will send” (i.e., Moshiach—see sicha of Chayei Sara 5752). To this Hashem immediately responded, “I will be with your mouth”; He did not suffice with this, and added: “Aharon your brother … will be a mouth for you,” for Aharon brought out Moshe’s words in actual physical speech.


It may be said that the fact that my revered father-in-law, the [Previous] Rebbe, suffered similarly, was similar to what occurred to Moshe in his generation. Since the refinement had not yet been completed, and therefore “the speech was in exile” (and Moshe himself transcended the revelation in speech), therefore Hashem did not heal him, but performed a miracle such that “I will be with your mouth” and “your words will be ready.”


The rectification and fulfillment of this is accomplished in the most complete matter—with the strength endowed by the [Previous] Rebbe—through the souls in bodies, healthy souls in healthy bodies, in this generation, the ninth generation [from the Baal Shem Tov]. We have the power to accomplish the task of “Aharon your brother … will be a mouth for you,” through concrete verbal expression (such that “the sound is heard in Pharaoh’s house” (Bereishis 45:16)), and in an abundant measure, the words of Torah and instructions, and so on, of the [Previous] Rebbe. …
It should be emphasized that everyone should undertake that his study of the teachings of the [Previous] Rebbe should also complete and fill up what was lacking in the dissemination of the wellsprings [of Chassidus] due to the [Previous] Rebbe’s speech impairment, [and this ought to be accomplished] both through one’s own verbal study, and through disseminating the wellsprings outward, to others.”


In other words as I heard from Rabbi Lieble Groner last year that when the Rebbe’s speech failed – so to say – he did some Chassidic research and learnt that there are higher levels of communication than speech, for example, nodding, which became the Rebbe’s new mode of communication.


As I read the Rebbe’s words I realized that a far higher mode of communication has been given to us.


Not that we need to take everything from the Rebbe, but that the Rebbe is enabling that as he writes, in the messianic era the spirit of God will come to every Jew, and hence the essence of Moshiach is contained within you, and you too will be a mini-Moshiach.


It is to this new era – an era in which the Rebbe’s voice will come through you – where he who spoke to the Rebbe, as the Rebbe often said in specific circumstances, “speak and I will come though you” – will come through you.


Shifting from a Rebbe based leadership to a, the followers becoming leaders, is perhaps the hidden meaning wherein the new dimension of the higher voice of the Rebbe’s permeating within, not only, through the sounds waves, can be felt.

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