What is Judaism based on?



A philosophy that challenges current assumptions.


That believes in the invisible.


That sees destiny as destiny, in other words, predestined, yet with an ability to influence the source of predestiny.


A very difficult philosophy, which recognizes not only a preeminence, omnipotence of a Divine being, but at the same time recognizes that mans actions create the preeminence of the Divine being.


All of Judaism boils down to a simple point which no other religion gets, yet is central to our understanding of everything.


The simple explanation of Divinity would be the classical Roman deities, every deity is a selfish being.


Sacrifice, appeasement, gets its protection.


Judaism is based on a single difference (besides of course the oneness of God) namely that the God who created the world is not removed but rather within the world.


This identification of God and his world lies at the debate between say blind faith in Islam vs. the liberal, the very intimate faith as in Judaism.


You see it is easy to fathom that God cares nothing about this world.


In such a model God basically is like a Roman deity, sacrifice, appease and perhaps he too will help you or at least protect you in return.


We on the other hand see life beyond human imagination, into Godly reality.


God has never departed from the world he created (not only has he not departed he is the very fabric of reality and the world is basically God in disguise)


Suddenly the entire equation changes – if God is the fabric, the reality of our reality, it must be a God of love.


Once we understand that God is a God of love, then why should we need to appease him?


A parent loves their child!


Does the child need to appease – seek protection from their parent?


What could be a greater insult to God then to see him in the Islamic view of a harsh God ready to burn everyone in hell if one doesn’t serve him.


In other words, the notion of a removed aloof uncaring God, is simply false, based on a complete picture of how this world and God are not two separate realities, rather God in concealment, for the sake of our completing the mission that God set forth when he put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, to rectify, to better, to create the Divine garden through our efforts which God himself assists us in creating.

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