Good or bad, in this lies the secret of life




There is a famous book and video called the secret, revealing a correct ancient principle called the law of attraction.


What you think about, you attract!


Think positive, positivity will happen to you; think negative, God forbid the opposite.


Now they categorize all kinds of emotions, but essentially they say we can either have good or bad emotions.


Good or bad is a very very simple word, but its power is beyond belief.


The reason is simple, because the very word good or bad is strong enough to create the love for, or hatred against what is good or bad.


So say to yourself, in this world there is good and bad, the good is the essence of God which is the true existence of every atom and certainly of myself and my fellow Jews, and the good gentiles; the bad is the smokescreen, the immense appearance (as Einstein said, reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one) of bad in this world.

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