To be natural or supernatural that is the question



There are three realities that exist:


1. The natural ordered, what happened will happen, reality.


The supernatural miraculous abilities of God to change nature and save you through a miracle.


And more importantly, the super super natural ability, of God, to transform a new nature.


God’s light shines through a supernatural event revealing that all of nature must have a supernatural creator for to change a natural course to a supernatural, say splitting a sea or curing cancer etc. takes a hand that is in charge of the script that is running, like a movie director altering the movie, as he is running the movie.


But ultimately the super super natural is what God is after, an entirely new nature!


How does this occur?


At a meeting, once, a group of sincere American students queried the Rebbe on the fact that it is reported that he can do a miracle (which was an often occurrence with the Rebbe as with other Rebbes.)


The Rebbe replied something beautiful.


A miracle is something unexpected, so let’s all do a miracle, by each of you taking on to do something additional in their spiritual lives – something you perceived to be beyond your ken – you will have performed a miracle!


In other words, the ultimate, of course is not for God to transform reality, but for idiots like me and you (hey I wrote me before you) to transform reality.


When we cease to be so materialistic and we dedicate our lives to a higher cause this then is the true super super natural miracle that God creates.

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