To be Lubavitch



Recently at one of the international conferences of the Rebbe’s Shluchim the Dean of Tuoro college spoke how the Rebbe had asked him to convey a message to his son (I believe,) “one of my emissaries;” the man was perplexed for not only was this man not Lubavitch he furthermore was not an emissary of the Rebbe and queried the Rebbe on this – however as this man was helping out Jewish students getting kosher food the Rebbe replied – any person who helps out his fellow Jews is my emissary.


A man was standing in line to receive a dollar and blessing from the Rebbe, upon coming to the Rebbe he told the Rebbe I am going to China.


Please give this to my emissary in China.


Now there are a few emissaries, however then there were none.


In his hotel going up the elevator he met a Jew who came from another town and was touring his city who told him how he gathers the Jews of his town together – “ah, the Rebbe meant you!”


Is this a joke?


Well to be frank it can’t be, for the likelihood that the Rebbe could know that this man traveling to China would meet his “emissary” is simply Divine, and hence as the Rebbe is Divine, it must be that he makes no jokes.


You see Judaism can be a solely selfish exercise.


God too can be an idol.


What was an idol?


Idols were beings that you prayed to get what you wanted but placed no responsibility on you.


That’s in fact why Jews worshiped idols, for it freed them to do what they want.


Judaism in fact is completely dedicated to the service of man.


So to be Lubavitch in the simplest of terms is to care and assist your fellow Jew and fellow man.

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