Is love an inside or outside job?



How many songs, poems, books, etc. etc. have been written about love?!


Why do we even want love in the first place?!


You see love is a good feeling, when we are in love we feel good, we feel united, an intrinsic human need, greater than our need for food, has been fulfilled!


But; yes but!


Love is not an outside thing, it is an inside thing!


Let’s look at the corollary of love, fear.


When you are afraid of say a bee, is that an external or internal feeling?


Pretend a scientist came along and somehow causes that all bees should not be capable of stinging, would you be afraid of a bees?


So the fear is an externally caused internal fear.


In fact anything you can’t touch, you can’t feel; if you can’t feel it, then the feeling it gives you is an impression.


So the very same thing can cause you love or fear based on the impression it makes.


Say a dog, well if you were God forbid bitten in childhood, all dogs will give you fear!



But say you had a sweet cute puppy and you love dogs, all dogs will give you love!


Now how do we create love, we create love simply by observing what is desirable, admirable, lovable in another.


So say you want to love your wife, all you need to do is think about her sterling qualities, how much she loves you, for now you a. admire, hence love, and b. when we know that someone else loves us, that creates an automatic reciprocal feeling within us towards them!


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