How to eliminate fear


Just as we wrote that love and fear are impressions, and a bee will only give you fear based on the impression it will sting you, but if all bees suddenly magically lost their stingers you would cease to fear them, the same is true in general about fear.


You see fear is not a reality it is an impression.


You think there is what to fear, therefore you feel fear.


But what if, yes what if?!






You could eliminate your impression that things can harm you?!


What would happen then?!


You would cease to be afraid!


We build up an impression of reality.


We build up an impression of people.


Usually this impression is based on experiences coupled with our natured disposition, for example women by nature being more cautious than men have much more fear.


But even a man given negative experiences God-forbid, too, would be come fearful, certainly of the stimuli!


But there is hope!


Yes my friends, listen carefully, for if you do, you can eliminate all fear in you life!


It is as simple as the core message of Judaism!


But a story tells it best!


Johannesburg is a fearful place, perhaps the murder capital of the world, where carjackings used to be rife, where electric fencing, guard dogs, barbed wires, patrol perimeters of almost every home.


In such an environment it is natural that people are a bit on edge to say the least (a bit like its in Israel.)


However, yes however, (I like this yes stuff – its a personal pet peeve, yes, a pet peeveJ) I met a man whom has the California tranquility.


Yes I did (I told you I like the yes thing!)


Mr Koppel (father of famous singer Danny K) is from a different planet, as he seems to me the only person in Joburg who has no worries.


Yes no worries (I warned you!)


Anyway why does Mr. Koppel have no worries, can it be that an Israeli mafia team surrounds him, and every thief / tzotzi is aware.


That can be, but here is the reason, as I asked him.


You know, he replied, when I get on a plane, do I worry if the captain knows how to get me to my destination?!


Do you?


Certainly I don’t.


“Well I am in the plane of life and God is the captain” replied Mr. Koppel who though is not religious is obviously a true believer.


And hence Mr. Koppel doesn’t worry.


An expert on stress and anxiety Dr. Jonathon Moch was invited to lecture while I was the Rabbi in Plettenberg Bay.


Image this, he says; a room filed with snakes, slithering, hissing boa constrictors etc. etc.


A few people walk in and they have no fear whatsoever, they are snake handlers and hence with their poles they simply pick them up and put them in a box.


So as we mentioned, fear is not real, it is an impression of possible pain.


Take away the impression, eliminate the fear!!!


Easier said than done.


The truth is there are five simple techniques that work!


Number one, say to yourself “God will help me!”


Number two, every morning, every afternoon, and every night, count your blessings.


You see, often fear is caused by not seeing what goes right in life, so we see what goes wrong, but the more we count our blessings, the more we see what is right, and hence we understand that life is actually good and this biosphere has goodness to offer, eliminating our fear in the first place.


3. Say, Shemah Yisroel Adoi-nay Elohei-nu Adoi-nay Echad.


When we say the Shemah, God magically eliminates our fear.


4. Say Ein Oid Milvadoi, There is nothing besides you (God, This too has a magical effect.)


And last but not least, perhaps the best method is to do what the Baal Shem Tov says – see good in bad and then God will transform the very bad into good.

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