Once upon a time, no one needed updates.


Now as you log online, half of your life is updated.


Are updates, updates or downdates?


Was life better before things got updates?


I don’t know?


What do you think?


Whether life was simpler or not, as the Rebbe teaches us, technology is a profound lesson in Godliness.


Updates are how God works!


Once upon a time people thought life was a single operating system.


That’s how people lived.


But now, all operating systems get constantly updated.


Updates in fact are a fantastic revolution!


In business they call it, eating your children!


A company that doesn’t “eat their children” – update, revamp, reinvent, ultimately upgrade, is destined for the garbage!!


IBM was the first and perhaps best in building computers, but then Dell updated the system and the story is obvious!


People go for the best not for the staid!


So to, we should never look at Judaism as a single operating system!




Judaism is upgradable!!!


Sure, everything upgradable must be consistent with God!


It must be found in the Torah given at Mount Sinai!


But contained in the Torah is literally infinite – make that googilian (to help us relate to it) layers of upgrades!


Hence as Moshiach is coming, Chassidus, the light of Moshiach has already been downloaded into this world!!!


When Moshiach comes, a new update called Torosoh Shel Moshiach which will make the previous understanding of Judaism look as though it were mere child’s play will be updated!


In heaven, we learn that souls ascend level after level, downloading higher and higher updates!


All in all, would you prefer to have an old IBM or the latest Mac!!!

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