All realities exist simultaneously



Wow this really is big!


We seem to sense that there are different realities; if I am spiritual I am not materialistic, if I am happy I am not sad, if I am good I am not bad.


Do all television stations beam at the same time?


Do all radio stations play at the same time?


The answer obviously, is yes!


The only question is not what is being beamed rather what we are tuning into.


In other words, God’s station as well as the most base desires, as well as your intellectual choices are three stations always playing, though it is quite possible you are only tuned into your own intellectual choices.


However it is God-forbid possible to remove ones intellectual rational mind and just be the devil himself as antisemites, Arabs, Nazis, Hitler are / were.


On the other hand it must too be possible – a level achieved by the great Rebbes – to eliminate one’s intellectual rational mind and just be God’s influence.

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