Understanding infinity



Infinity is so far removed from the finite that it is infinitely impossible to understand it


It would be like describing a color never seen, a note never heard, a God never visible


But infinity desires that we should understand it, and no better guide than God himself in the form of the teachings of Rabbi Schneersohn who using all of Jewish mysticism, did more to expand our horizons on this infinite leap than perhaps any before.


The Rebbe was every much into infinity.


He constantly spoke that explained about it


It is an amazing thing, our minds like to shut down once we get to a point beyond our minds comprehension.


As rabbi yoel kahan says, one of the points the Rebbe often states, is a good mind understands that there is a point it cannot understand.


Yet number one after we admit there is a point we cannot understand, this does not prevent us from attempting at least to peer at the infinite, to look into a realm which is beyond our realm, which creates our realm and which is ultimately merging into our realm.


On the simplest level three realms exist:


The first realm is the realm of nature, finite laws, laws of psychology, physics, economics, in fact every professor has a host of laws.


The second realm is the spiritual – where magic occurs, where transformation of matter into energy occurs – we all know and believe in miracles – this is the realm of the infinite.


But that, the Rebbe teaches us is not true infinity, for true God, true infinity, has no limitation, neither the limits of nature, which he creates, NOR THE LIMITS OF THE SUPERNATUREL.


To say that God is limited to miracles is no different in a sense to say that he is limited in every sense.


It is easy for us to perceive the creator doing a miracle but can we perceive the creator being limited, the creator say, teaching you how to tie your shoelace, how to clean your teeth, how to brush your hair?


It seems to us that the mundane is too far removed from the spiritual, but this of course is a complete farce, for if something is unlimited it is unlimited in everything.


Often we call this unlimitedness of God shleiemussu dikulue perfection in everything.


That would be the definition of true infinity.

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