Look –see – understand, that I have created life and death, choose life!



What does this mean?


Coming home from a funeral today rachamana litzlan I comprehended this in a new clear way.


In fact one of Freud’s contentious theories was that there is a life instinct and a death instinct.


I assume Freud believed this – as the most he could deduce from his observation implied in observing, listening, seeing people – that this was the case.


The truth is that this is what it means.


The life instinct in man is hope.


When man lives in a state of positivity – believes things will be good then he is in the state of life.


His energy is positive energy.


But then unfortunately as often happens people feel hopeless, this is when they live in the death state.


In the death state they lose the sensation that life is good, that life has value and sometimes God forbid actually commit suicide.


What if they don’t commit suicide – does that mean they are alive?


No – as any depressed person can tell you – they are merely going through the motions.


They are pretending to be alive.


As Rabbi Wagner told me kelipah, the forces that keep death alive, are kabbalistickly call pretence.


Like a monkey mimics a human, the actions may be there, but it is all pretend, it is not with intent.

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