From resentment to love



Imagine you were told “welcome to wonderland, here all will be good, nothing will be bad” and then all is bad; the yogurt is sour, the lines are so long you don’t get onto the rides, and people push you around on their way to get onto other rides.


How would you feel about wonderland?


Imagine you are told, “welcome to wonderland, here all is bad and nothing is good,” but hey your mother dropped you off, so you have no choice to be there for the day, but you know that apart from the yogurt being sour and the rides being so long that you couldn’t get on and a few people bumping past you “lunatics!” you had a pleasant time seeing a different scene!


You see, we built a false expectation of reality based on the love and security we hopefully get in childhood.


Welcome to the world, we believe, here things will be good and not bad!


Oops, that was bad, hey that was bad too; I WANT MY MONEY BACK!


But what if we change our introduction; lets believe for argument sake, the welcome was, “welcome to the world, here everything is bad and not good!”

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