Clean vs. polluted energy



We all know about good and bad energy


Solar energy vs. coal energy


They both produce the same energy, but there is a vast difference


You see solar energy is clean wholesome leaves no side effects, rays of sunlight simply convert into electricity whereas coal energy which also produces electricity burns trillions of atoms of carbon polluting the environment


Now if you had a choice, which energy would you use


Obviously solar


The same is true in life itself


Every moment we receive Divine energy in order to live


As we had often had occasion to mention based on the second book of Tanya, the gateway to understanding God’s unity and belief in God in the world, every moment the entire world gets recreated


Yep you heard right, recreated





As you can see in the video, every atom continuously pops in and out of existence (this is an observable fact) so who creates the recreation of every atom hence everything all the time


God’s mind / “speech” that “speaks” imagines the world into its present format continuously


The point is that this speech is energy, however there are actually five levels of cleanness associated with this energy


The first is completely “solar” very – pure undiluted energy straight from God


This is when you are involved in doing good, a Mitzvah or even doing anything regular such as eating or sleeping but your intention in so doing is for good, “I eat to have energy to do good” vs. “I eat coz I am hungry” or “I eat because I enjoy food.”


On the other hand, on the opposite end of the spectrum if the reason I am doing something is God-forbid out of revenge, malice, jealousy, anger, then the energy goes through a substation, this substation is controlled by vengeful, harmful, malicious, jealous, demons.


These demons though being great angels in terms of their wisdom of creation are just as bad if not worse than the evil man creates


They in fact give energy like a fungi, that survives off a host, in order to be able to thrive


In fact when all Jews will keep all the Mitzvos – as we then won’t be sinning, hence the demons will cease to have hosts to live off and immediately Moshiach will come!


There are also intermediary demons, containing both light and darkness which is when we are “I eat coz I am hungry” and this energy unlike the wholly evil energy can later be removed out of the dolmens bag of tricks and restored back into Divine flow, say if we then use that same energy to do good.


In other words, we should be aware that though life seems smooth, every thought, everything we say and everything we do shifts where our energy hence our destiny comes from.


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