What can we learn from Israel National News Op-Ed: New Documents: IBM’s Pivotal Role in Helping the Nazis



As the author of the article, the writer of the book himself writes, “IBM and Thomas J. Watson committed genocide by any standard. It was never about the anti-Semitism. It was never about the National Socialism. It was always about the money. Business was their middle name.”


Whatever our motive is, well, will determine our behavior.


IBM was never about genocide, yet they committed genocide (as he writes, they had offices in every concentration camp, facilitating the Germans on the information necessary for their genocide factory.)


In this simple yet barbaric fact, one must understand the simple yet true conclusion.


Whatever our motive is, well, will determine our behavior!


Unless we divest ourselves from all sexual, monetary, power, recognition, motives; we too are liable to fall into the trap of doing heinous evil, for the sake of an exterior motive.


Instead, the singular motive to do goodness and kindness as per God’s wishes, must dominate every thought speech and action we have, and it is only, yes only, in this way that the Yetzer Hara’s nefarious selfish desires will not trap us into far greater crimes to fulfill them.

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