I vs. God



As always Rabbi Jacobson offers beautiful insights based on the Rebbes articles.


In this latest article I read, the following point was made.


The world is self centered.


We find that in this weeks Torah portion God asks us to make a dwelling for him.


Rabbi Jacobson mentions an interesting fact.


You see the creation of the world, quite an amazing feat, was summarized in 31 verses yet there are 371 verses about creating the tabernacle.


Lets do the math, it means that God cares 11 times more, or call that 1100% more than  he cares about the building of the world, the building of a Jewish synagogue.


But isn’t that the point!


For an infinite God, of infinite capabilities, to create the infinite miracles, of which nature is comprised of, is well, infinitely, easy.


But for you, a finite man, self centered, ego driven, to give up your ego, to be grateful, instead of misery, to give instead of take, now that is a true transformation!


As the Rebbe says, we in fact enable God to transform.


For as we are God – though we don’t realize it and hence see ourselves being our ego, our “I,” our own identity, which is why it is so hard for us to transform, hence – as God can do anything, everything is nothing; but as we are like prisoners, stuck in an airtight chamber, for us to actually break the hold our ego has on us, to let go of our infantile egotistic narcissistic self-centeredness, and to become our true selves, well thats infinitely greater than an infinite God creating infinite miracles.


So the simple equation is this, for you to transform into God, is infinitely greater than for God to transform into man.

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