Where are you on the totem pole



What would you do to be in the whose who


You see I had an interesting conversation with a special Jewish genius Yossi Banishevitz, who explained to me that Moshiach is the great equalizer


That communism and democracy ironically both attempted to prepare the world for Moshiach by creating equality


Systems are only systems because they are hierarchies


If you take away the two or three dimensional system and enter into a multi-dimensional i.e. infinite in finite, hence no higher nor lower but merging of truths, suddenly everyone becomes equalized


In other words, when Moshiach comes there will be no more hierarchies, sure we will look up to Moshiach and the other Rebbes and Tzaddiks for inspiration but the very idea that there will be differences in a hierarchal level will be eliminated.


The world has never before done more to wipe out hierarchies and this is – according to him – a preparation for the ultimate equalizer Moshiach who will show how all of us are God, all of us can receive direct communication from God, and all of us can attain prophecy, as it states no more will man learn from each other for all willl be taught directly from me.

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