So it boils down to this



Life is a sequence


In the sequence we experience the following three paradigms, each one seems real, though only the third one is.


We begin life in the delusion state (hopefully,) a kid is nothing else, if not a fantasizer.


We then at some point enter into the disappointment state.


Women being far more mature than men (which is why a girl has a bas mitzvah – coming of age in Judaism) at 12 not thirteen (like a boy) because women have what John Grey calls a superhighway connecting the rational and emotional (the logical and fantasy) parts of their brain (unlike males who have a back alleyway, hence the ability to not see reality only their fantasy, which is why some men only reach the disappointment state at a midlife crises, which is namely a realization that their fantasies will never be fulfilled.)


And all of this is to enter into the reality state!


What is reality?




The million dollar question…


Reality is by necessity a search not for an egotistical fantasy, nor revenge, disappointment, narcissism, selfishness and bitterness.


Rather reality consists of subjugating your identity to a higher truth.


What is the truth?


By discovering the truth you then learn that you are not the center of the world rather the world is your center.


What is the truth?


Well if I tell you, it wont be as meaningful as if you discover your own truth, live it and subjugate yourself to it.

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