Fair, or love and fear



Its not fair!


Life isn’t fair.


Is life fair?


Shouldn’t life be fair?


Is God fair?


The truth is there is no such thing as fair.


There is only love and fear.


You see, why is it that a little kid wants the exact amount of peas that his sister got, is it truly because he cares about fairness, does he make sure to share his Nintendo an equal amount of time with his sister?


It’s not fair! relates to jealousy!


I don’t really care much about fair, however I am jealous that you got more, the proof is that if you get less I do not complain nearly as much (if at all) then if you got more.


Life according to Jewish mysticism is divided not into fair and unfair, rather into love and fear.


You see love is when I love, adore you, and then also it has nothing to do with fairness, rather I give to whom I love, adore.


Hate is when I am angry at you, which obviously is really related to anger, which as the Baal Shem Tov, calls negative fear.


If I did not fear you I would not hate you.

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