Life is basically a choice between to serve or be served

To serve not to be served




Unfortunate we are all experts on being served


You see growing up we learn certainly in the first two years of our lives when we need service and our basic identity is formed that we should be served – in fact if God forbid a mother or a father doesn’t serve the child, the child cannot become a healthy, normal child, and of course adult


The problem is that we develop an expectation of service


Perhaps this is nowhere clearer than in Africa


It is very funny to see how whites believe that blacks are meant to serve them


They have an expectation that blacks are there to serve them


They cannot separate between, between someone who was paid to serve them versus someone else who is not their employee!


We all develop the same stupidity!


We are meant to be served!!!


The truth is, we are not meant to served, but to serve.


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