Whose who in the zoo


Before Moshiach comes, it states in the prophecy of Daniel, God will reveal man’s inner heart


You see, growing up in the safe secure democratic good America / west, we fail to see beyond our cocoon like bubble reality


Observation has taught us that societies that give love, are societies that love; societies that give repression, demeaning, abuse, are societies who oppress, demean, abuse; so the true story is not our bubble but as follows:


WHITE Lubavitch – as they have received the unconditional, support, love, encouragement of the Rebbe, hence they offer unconditional love, support to others
Other Chassidic groups – somewhat insular but the dynamics are similar
Jews who descended from Chassiddim, for they received it from their parents
Jews in general, for going back in time, maybe as far back as Abraham they too were loved
Americans, mainly for they role modeled off the unconditional love etc. from the children of Chassidim who came to America in the 1900’s e.g. Bob Dylan etc.
GREY Western Countries Grey represents that there is a 50/50 mix between good and evil as the heritage of power, demeaning, abuse is still rife
BLACK MIsnagdim: Black represents a society which abuses, demeans, controls, and hence the people are abusive, demean others, and try to control



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