Inviolable facts



God exists and is the true existence, and if we think that He doesn’t exist, then as everything needs a first cause, hence nothing else could exist without this first cause which we call God.



As such, the only reason we exist, is because it is concealed from our eyes God’s existence, like a flame within the sun which could only exist if the sun somehow concealed its presence so the flame thought it is the only existence.



Considering the flame has no independent existence, hence his very being itself, i.e. the perception of his existence, is also a gift from God!



As everything created must be in service to its Creator, we being created by the Creator must be for the purpose of the Creator.



This purpose can only be defined by the Creator not the created, for it would be like a robot expressing the purpose of his existence without knowing what the purpose of his existence is and only conjecturing.



The Creator has told us that the reason he created us is because he loves us and in his love for us, desires a relationship with us, which is why we are given freedom to choose to love the Creator or deny the Creator.



Ultimately as all is set in motion by the Creator every Jew (perhaps every person) will discern that the Creator loves him or her and hence love the Creator in return.



For the Creator to dwell amongst us, it is not enough that we love the Creator we must also love each other, for a king dwells in a complete palace and when we are divided it is as if the single soul, the source of all our souls, is divided and so cannot dwell amongst us.



Hence to love your fellow Jews (or person) necessitates getting beyond petty ambitions such as sex, money, fame, which are barriers to true love, a love based on the inherent goodness, lofty source that all Jews (people) come from!



By placing a premium on what is premium, namely the heart of your fellow man, not on his looks, bank account, or status, you allow yourself to be united with all men.



Even someone who is evil, you can understand that his soul is pure and it as if God is locked in a dungeon (for his Soul is Godly) hence have pity on his Soul for what can be a greater embarrassment that the great kind and Creator, locked in a prison, and compassion eliminates hate, for it induces love!



The ultimate union of bodies, minds and of course hearts, should take place in the sanctified marriage – sanctified by God and revered by man.



Sex is for unity, as two people are given the ability to give a incredible pleasure to one another, hence the necessity of focusing on giving, not taking in sex!



God needs no one, as we see all animals are independent, hence the reason humans need one another e.g. poor, unhealthy, etc. etc. is because though God could have easily made us all rich, healthy, wise etc. is because we would then have no reason to unite.



There are two stages to reality, the first is the premessianic where every kind deed, every coin given to charity, every kind word, hug etc. imbues this physical earth with the infinite light of God – in the second stage after the messiah comes, this light will be the source for eternal radiance of God’s revelation.

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