God’s perspective and our perspective


Our sages teach us that the only free Jew is one who studies Torah.


Torah seems to offer many obligations so how can we free ourselves through it?!


The answer of course is, it depends on who you are?!


This is why before God gave the Torah to the Jewish people he asked all the nations if they desire it and all said no; for its laws such as do not murder, do not commit adultery was restrictive to them!


However, to a Jew the Torah is not disconcerting rather harmonizing with his own Goldy instincts!


From God’s perspective the reason the Torah was given was to induce peace into the world!


As our sages teach, the entire purpose of the Torah is to bring about peace!


But from our perspective, though it is our soul desire to have peace as much as God wants it; for we and God are really the same essence, nonetheless, we are also comprised of selfish and even evil instincts!


It is for this reason we cannot just rely on our instincts to provide the spiritual direction, as we see clearly how liberal, even good people e.g. Ariel Sharon, can be so badly misguided by their instincts, uprooting tens of thousands of Jews; and in Israel today certainly the liberals mean well, but their course of action namely, just to give Arabs anything, is no different say to voting in Hitler.


As such a Jew needs to reveal his Godly instincts by subjugating his mind heart, thoughts, speech and actions to the Torah.


Only through appointing a Mashpia, following the advice of a Chabad spiritual role model, whom then as the Rebbe says, God’s advice will come through, and adhering to the Torah’s directives of right and wrong, can man overcome his selfish and nay even evil side, and hence be proud that his or her life was a life worth  living.

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