Quotes from The Rebbe

Adar 7 is the birthday of Mosheh Rabeinu.

All Jews are righteous, how much more so the Tzaddik of the generation and on his birthday he receives an infinitely greater elevation even in regards to the infinitely greater elevation of the previous year.

The Tzaddik of the generation – all the gifts of God come through him to his generation.

This what it says, we will be redeemed in Nissan means not that we need to wait for Nissan rather it can happen beforehand – e.g. the month of Adar beforehand – and then when it comes we will have already been redeemed.

All sevenths are special.

Especially the seventh of Mosheh was exceptionally special.

Seventh indicates completion.

As all Jews are Tzaddikim they are righteous, they hence need to be complete every day of the year especially on the special days.

If in everything the Mazal is important how much more so, for the coming of the Moshiach, which we receive the Mazal of Mosheh the source of all Jews, to help bring Moshiach even a second closer.

Considering that Golus includes all the souls as well as God’s presence, now we can understand how even second earlier is so valuable.

Adar 8 5752

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