Quotes from The Rebbe

When one desires to see how great an elevation for Jews is, it is connected to how bad the previous low was.

Sins are not real, rather they are a mechanism that God uses for a Jew to come to a higher love for him (distance makes the heart to grow fonder.)

In the times of Moshiach there will be no more lows, only the time of eternal growth will commence.

The reason why the entire Torah Portion is called “raising the Jewish people” (though it speaks of negatives) is because the Jewish people have no connection to sins, it is only God’s plan to bring them to a higher level until seeing God in the messianic era.

Everything must commence through a Jew for it is precisely him who is given the ability to start something indefinitely and permanently, for a Jew and God is one.

The true desire of a Jew is to completely transform himself from all negative to completely positive.

The last second of exile with no interruption will immediately begin the first second of the indefinite redemption.

Adar 15 5752

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