Quotes from The Rebbe

We begin a speech with praising God.

The greatest praise of God is that the ingathering of the Jews from the four corners of the earth has already begun (from Russia etc.)

This ingathering happened through mercy and love not like previous times which needed  to occur through travails.

This will effect the few countries that are still oppressive to Jews that they too will come out peacefully.

Those who came out now see clearly how much more peaceful their life is now, especially compared to what is was like previously (in Russia.)

Every physical deed must have some kind of correlation in the spiritual realm (the service of a Jew.)

When a Jew wants to be important, he must know that though he is counted by God nonetheless, when is his existence a true existence (a permanent existence) when he fulfils what the Alter Rebbe wrote in his introduction to the prayers in his Siddur, that one must have love for a fellow Jew.

The Alter Rebbe says, it is not enough to think love of a fellow Jew, rather one must say it before prayer, for saying is compared to doing, so we begin with a act of Ahavas Yisroel.

The meaning of Ahavas Yisroel is, know, that you are but a half, and the only time you are a whole – which you should be a whole person – is when you unite with a fellow Jew/s.

We should educate kids that they should give three coins for Machatzis Hashekel and their parents should assist them that they should feel like they aren’t losing any of their money through giving this.

All Jew’s faces will shine as Mosses faces did, as there is Mosses within every Jew.

We will not need a covering as Mosses had to, for the whole world will be the essence of God (hence this light will not be out of the ordinary.)

Giving Tzedakah before Shabbos is propitious time for giving charity.

God will bring the Jews through Mosses, for he is the first and final redeemer – all the Jews, back to Israel.

Through the Mosses in every Jew, God gathers this Mosses and unites them into a “great community will come here.”

Tzedakah hastens redemption.

 Adar 24 5752

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