How not to worry and be happy



There is an entire book written by Dale Carnegie if you are into cheap psychology on how not to worry and live


The title as most of his titles is pretty good


Worrying really does take away from happiness


So here is my short but accurate guide as it comes from Jewish mysticism, on how not to worry and be happy


  1. Know that there are two parts to you, a body and  a soul
  2. The body is mainly interested in all the cultured things, such as gourmet food, the latest movie, money and fame
  3. The soul doesn’t give a dam about those things and is mainly worried about goodness, kindness, meaning in life, God
  4. For you to be happy, you must remove the internal schizophrenia between the body and soul
  5. The way to resolve is to make peace with the body – namely the body is fed, but is not the master of your desires rather the slave to your desires – instead of thinking that your whims are your desires, think that your soul’s desires, which truly are who you are and what you want (as they say, no one says on their deathbed I should have spent more time in the office, and yes everyone regrets not feeding  the soul more) so the soul’s desires become your raison d’être.

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