Cut in her half – she is vindictive



We all know the story of King Solomon who needing to decide between the real mother or the imposter said to cut the baby in half (for one was a mother, the other had lost her baby and hence jealous of the mother,) and the real mother said to not, while the vindictive mother said, let her be cut.


A simple story which we all heard, but the interesting thing is how did Solomon know that the fake mother would allow the baby to be cut in half?


Wouldn’t she like any woman claiming the baby, want to raise her?


King Solomon was an expert on human nature and hence he realized that her claim was not for the baby, rather ­against the mother; jealousy is never about the claim rather against the vindictiveness of the jealous person.


We see the same in Israel.


For the first time, literally in four thousand years the Arabs have claimed Israel.


Where were they for four thousand years – it is not Israel that they want, rather the destruction of the Jews.


If you were to offer the Arabs to God-forbid murder all Jews, and never step foot in Israel what do you think the reply would be?!

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