Transformation We tend to think Thinking is a dangerous thing As my daughter told me, whoever made up thinking was a moron What is wrong with thinking? You see as soon as you think you limit. To limit is to do an injustice to the entire nature of truth. From time immemorial people have thought. They have come up with literally tens of thousands of ideas, all of them have been wrong. Only one man, one religion, one group got it right, Judaism. From Abraham to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, they all realized that the mind of man is impossibly, infinitely infinitesimally incapable, of seeing the impossible infinite infinity of, well, God!


We create destiny through our thoughts



The Kabbalah teaches us that thoughts like clouds precursing the rain to come down, if filled with happiness then happiness rains down, if filled with fear, then fear comes down.


Obviously you may wonder, can this be?


Is not reality independent of something as small as a thought?


But reality is only a single thought from God.


A thought creates reality.


In fact, your thoughts are also part of God’s reality though they can create a new reality.


Imagine a drop of rain, where did it come from?


It came from below!


So your drop of positive or negative thinking, elevates into the clouds that becomes your destiny.


It’s the way it’s meant to be










Is the world the way it’s meant to be?


There is a profound question involving our worldview with unbelievable consequences:


Let’s begin at the beginning


God wanted you


Yep you


When my daughter was young she was pulling her mother’s dress as she was baking – after a few times Gabi said to her – what do you want? – I want you! she replied.


God wants you even more than Uncle Sam!


Uncle Sam sees you for a fringe benefit!


In absolute true love, there is no ulterior motive.


I want you.








You see, the key reason God loves you is because he sees your soul as pristine as you are.


You see; your soul, your true you, divorced from fear, divorced from the need to justify yourself, is such a light that if an angel where to see it, he would melt before the Godly love invested in it.




Yes you!


Pure you is all the beauty that exists!


All the beauty ever needed, for no less a personage than God himself to love you unconditionally.


Now that we established the reason that God created the world, we need to go back to our original question, is this the world God desires?


The answer can be seen in the dance of courtship.


The most important dance, is the dance of courtship, for it involved the allowing of two separate people to individually choose the other.


In the olden days things were simpler – “you and you!” – “marry!”


In such an environment, no need to date, no need to be nice, no need to have the other choose you.


The Baal Shem Tov says a relationship is like a dance in which the participants go in and out of a circle.


It is the yin and yang.


It is the separation and the return in a never ending cycle of separation and desire that unites two people.


In other words, for the uniqueness of two to become one, two opposite things need to take place simultaneously.


On one hand, they need to give other the room to be themselves.


On the other hand they need to choose to unite intimately.


So too in God’s relationship with you!


For God and you to become one…


On one hand there needs to be distance.


To smother someone is to reduce their ability to choose and usually though trapped, they resent it.


Nowhere have we seen this dance clearer than in the last few centuries.


From a world that was God induced, people rejected God, officially on religious i.e. scientific truths.


The truth is they had been smothered.


So God let them free.


Do we not believe all is from God?


If so, even the leaving of God is too from God.


And from this reversal of opinion from God, to away from God…


A new generation born into a atheistic world emerged.


A generation that had no feelings of being smothered.


A generation lost in the profound vacuum of a worldview that had nothing to offer them but a license to roam.


And roam they did!






Till the dance completed back into the loving embrace of their original love.


What women need – And How You Can Provide It



  • Imagine the moon, really imagine it.


In fact pretend you are the moon.


Around you there is desolation, emptiness.


98,000,000 million miles away lies the sun.


A source of light that can transform your desolate empty existence into one filled with light.


Better yet, when the two of you kiss, you cause that your light will shine on your children.


For when the sun kisses you, suddenly a new miracle appears.


Not only do you feel loved, warm, bright, but also you have a reflective light that brightens up earth – all who see you, and must importantly your own children.


Our sages teach us, from the positive inference one can judge the negative inference and “as we mystics write” Vda”l, this is sufficient wisdom for the wise.


  • Security


Women are biologically hardwired to seek security both for themselves to have the “nursery” in which their children can be born into, as a bacteria free environment – which is why, they often get an urge to clean certain times of the month, but even more important to them, is security for the sake of the children they bore.


A mother will give her life away for her children, hence her need to give them the needs of life, to live, to eat, to have a roof over their heads, is equally important. This is literally as important as preservation of life itself.


  • To be cherished


Imagine you see yourself as a beautiful diamond and someone buys you, but then casts you aside.


  • Pride in her husband


Imagine you have a choice of companies to work for, would you go for the most, or least prestigious?


How To Provide It


  • Ironically


b/c men see women usually more like their mothers than daughter, they EXPECT light, love etc. not to give light love etc. to their wives.


Close your eyes, picture yourself as the sun and your wife, girlfriend, engaged to be wife, as your moon.


  • Security


Most men understand the need to provide for their families so this isn’t much of a problem.


  • To be cherished


This is a big problem b/c men and women see themselves very very very differently.


A woman is beautiful and if nothing else she sees herself as an exquisite Monet, Rembrandt.


  • Pride in husband


Well you want to be proud of yourself, so this is an extra exceptional important motive to do so.