The three stages of life


Imagine the revving dometer in a car.


Usually it goes from 0 to 6.


Now in the idle state of the car, it is somewhere between 0 to 1, this is like childhood  where we are moving slowly but unsteadily, we are really uncertain about our destination, but as we are alive, like a car turned on, even if you don’t press the gas pedal, you will still move forward.


Then comes the pressing a bit harder.


This is when a person begins to learn how to drive, now he is secure in terms of his ability to drive; also much like a person who just got his license, the key is not where he is going, but the ability to go.


In this stage a person’s instincts are kicking in, and though he has no idea why he wants to go places but the thrill of life itself, its pleasures, are motivating him just to go.


Now what happens next is absolutely fascinating.


Usually a person learns that driving, well, its actually boring.


The more you drive, it becomes like walking, it’s just an ability you take for granted.


Similarly, in the ride of life, all those pleasures, well, become meaningless, and this stage, serious thought kicks in.


Why I am here, what is the meaning of life, is there an actual destination???


It is this stage God created the world for.


For God knew that we would go through the first two stages and all the answers in life come through finally thinking.

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