The Road Of Life



What is infinite yet capable of being finite?


Only God


This is the great mass hysteria man – polarized between his body and mind, his instincts and soul – experiences, – ultimately leading people to choose extremes instead of the happy infinite medium.


When you look at a road you get two kinds of lines, fixed white lines and broken lines.


In other words, there are lines you may not cross and lines that if you are cautious you may cross them.


Man has naturally propensity to be cautious.


Fear is our greatest instinct, for it relates to the fear of death, hence the myriad of mental illnesses all based on fear (in fact most physical illnesses are manifestations of fear as well) all of this is because we create boundaries to protect our sensitivity, our life itself.


But what, yes, what if, you had a birds eye vision.


So instead of just being able to see the cars in your field of vision, you could literally see the road for miles ahead.



Then suddenly you would be stripped of that fear when you cross a line.


Why, you could go on any side of the road for as long as you want (of course providing it is legal or you are not worried about legal or not.)


In other words, man exists in a fundamentally closed circuit shot.


We only see what is immediately in front of us, including what we can envision being immediately in front of us.


How about, if you could access a birds eye vision of reality?


Let’s say God himself who can see everything would talk to you and say to you “Buddy there will be no cars travelling this road for the next thirty miles” wouldn’t you trust him, that it would be safe to travel on the other side of the road.


In other words, though we are living within a lack of information, hence fearful, hence cautious, it is entirely possible as the Rebbe was to millions of people, to trust a saint that can see into the future and give you advice which would secure your mind as to the safety, as to travel that destination.


Now here is the punch line, this is taking place as we write.


Everything in life can be done in one of two ways.


It can either be a step in the right direction or it can be everything at once.


Can we humans possibly contain all of God’s infinite kindness at once???


Imagine if this moment God gave you all the wisdom, never mind the pleasures, never mind the pride, that exists!!


We would have no mental capacity, perhaps not even physical (i.e. nerves etc.) capacity, to channel it.


It is for this reason, God who created us, and certainly knows our capacity better than we ourselves do, does things in steps.

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