The beginning, middle and end

Everything contains a beginning, middle and end


The beginning of life begins in God’s – the Creators – desire to unite with you


To do this there is a middle phase, namely all of Creation.


For us to exist the black hole, all the universe which conceals the reality of the truth, that all is God and God is the only true existence – sort of like the screen which allows a person to not realize that the computer is the true reality of everything you see on the screen – was formed.


This is the space of the world and then time namely sequential reality, today, yesterday and tomorrow was introduced – years, millennia etc.


Most importantly you – souls were introduced, to live in this dark space in order that they should seek light.


From an unknown subconscious source our souls feel aimless – we sense that there really is more than meets the eyes – like in The Matrix the uncanny sensation that there is another higher reality pervades us.


For our souls are in essence God himself but unaware of God we seek him.


And then WHAM


The moment of conception, as the Zohar calls it our rebirth begins – for all of us are guaranteed by the Creator that he will find us.


“Though you may be cast in the most distant islands, from there I will return you!”


This return is primarily the inner personal, most inspirational recognition of the Creator, of his love for you, and of your part in his universe.


And this is the end; or shall we call it the beginning, for now the infinity of God will take you on an endless journey of continuous growth, more knowledge, more wisdom, more understanding!

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