It states in Kabbalah that male and female he created them refers to everything!


Male Female Symbols


Male and female, like a male and female plug and socket, refer to the difference between reality (as we know it,) and God.


God is everything in one and nothing in anything – the essence of the Jewish faith “God is one.”


However in the multiplicity – infinite multiplicity – that inhabits our universe and the universes – spiritual above us – everything is male and female.


Male and female refers to giver and receiver.


In our own lives we are both – there is the female/ receiver time of childhood and the male giver role of adulthood germane both to boys / men, girls and women.


In the higher spheres these are termed Yichuddim, unions.


Whenever God’s system – namely a giver and receiver bond – unites, this gives God immeasurable joy, for it is the purpose of creation, namely that the one God created many things, for the benefit of unity, which is the union of two into one.

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