You are God for the following ten reasons

Number one, everything is God as the Kabbalah states “There is no place devoid of him – much like the player on a computer game is really the computer for without the computer you couldn’t have a player on/in it.

Number two, especially your soul – especially Divine soul – is a chip off the old block just as the DNA of a child is really the combined DNA of the mother and father though living outside of the parent

Number three, Every person lives in two pardimes the first is reality the second is observable fiction (as Einstein said “reality is an illusion albeit a very persistent one) both the observable fiction as well as the reality is God, the latter as mentioned in  one, but even the former is a computer generated sequintoil (for our reality is time sequenced program which we experience hence becomes our fictional reality) which is also all God, much like simply watching a Divine created movie through a lifetime in genuine 3D

Number four, Who is the divine – goodness kindness mercy compassion; The Baal Shem Tov teaches, a son mirrors his father (brah c’arah d’avoihee) just as God is compassionate so to are his children – you – compassionate; Just as God is kind so to are his children – you – kind; Just as God performs acts of goodness and kindness – similarly do you!

Number Five we are all God’s diplomats doing whatever it is he wants from us (for even in sin he is leading us to Teshuvah / remorse so it is a roundabout method to come to him and fulfil our dimplomatic mission) now spiritually if one is working for God they are God

Number six when a person acts with his own innate goodness sincerity compassion and love for humanity that is God within them

Number seven Kabbalah explains that all souls are part of a spiritual body so the Jewish leaders belong to the head, us in the last generation before redepeotin, compared to the sole, and of course this entire soul is like all souls, god

Number eight, when God fashions our Divine soul he then unites with it – so it would be like a candle that another candle – in this case more like the sun- unites with it and the two flames merge into a single entity

Number nine, our bodies demonstrate our divinity for the head is shaped like the letter yud, our body like the straight line of the letter vov and our five fingers on each hand and five toes are like the two intermediate heis and final hies of God main name as you can see in the picture (the letter hei is the number five as all Hebrew letters are also numbers)



And last but not least because the Rebbe who expounded and knew all of Jewish mesytims says so

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